Apparently summing up the past year is a must since I’ve seen it happening on practically every  blog  I’ve clicked on in the past few days, so I might as well go ahead and jump on the year recap wagon. Basically to sum up the past year:

>I turned 21. 🙂

>I had the sweetest internship ever (working with dead bodies at a coroner’s office) while also working two other jobs.

>I started my senior year of college and am right now preparing my final semester.

> I decided the Navy was the way to go for me and took and successfully passed the ASTB naval officer training test.

> I applied for a scholarship to Russia.

> I signed up to run a marathon.

> I toured the FBI academy in Quantico VA and attended the SPY MUSEUM.

> I kept all scheduled Road Trips to visit my friends

> I liked a boy and found out he was a huge asshole. Go figure.

> I saw the stocks drop crazily and realized this might just be the worst time to graduate from college and start job searching.

> I decided that my profession would come before any relationship for at least the next 12 years give or take a few.

> The Dark Knight and Valkrie were two of the best movies to come out of 2008.

Now mind you this is just a recap. Many more magical moments happened and low points occurred during 2008. As a very optimistic person no low blows were included because positive is better.

What I don’t understand is that every year people make New Year’s Resolutions that they will never keep. Why is that? I’ve never actually made a New Year’s Resolution. Just because its the beginning of a new year doesn’t mean too much, just that your starting a New Year. Go figure. I’ve never seen it as starting fresh. Maybe in the future I will disagree because I mean I might need a reason to begin again but as for now its all the same.


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