music-marathonAll moves point to GO. This all started my freshman year without my even knowing it. My next door neighbor in the dorms who has turned out to be my best college friend started talking about the rock and roll music marathon back then. Now, four years later I’ve taken it a step further. She is a hard core runner. In high school she was a cross country all star. Although she has been trained to run and has been running since she was little, she has never ran a marathon.

In high school I was a hard core swimmer. I did no running and didn’t particularly enjoy it. After her talking for the past four years about this marathon I took it upon myself to start looking it up. She told me they had one in Virgina Beach so I looked it up online. Unfortunately the Rock and Roll marathon at VA beach is only a half marathon. bummer. What I did find though, is that they offer the Rock & Roll music marathon across the U.S. in other major cities. After looking through the entire list, we came to the conclusion that the marathon in Nashville Tennessee was our best bet. Unlike the others this one includes country. (Wonder why? :O)

I have no real experience running and now I’m going to take on a marathon?!?!?!? This week was the first week I started training for the marathon. It won’t be run until April 25th so I have time but I have to stay strictly to the program. wow.

Progress Reports will be given for the future.

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