Finally. Hitting the slopes was a main priority this year. I absolutely could not wait to use my new ski’s because I didn’t obtain them until the end of last season and was only able to go once or twice before it got too warm. My friend and I headed up to the resort by my house really early hoping to hit the slopes as soon as they opened. When we arrived the chair lifts were not on and there were no people out and about. Major ut oh. What the heck? I was literally going to die if I didn’t get to ski, I had been looking so forward to it.

We stopped at the office and asked the ticket man what the deal was. He was very friendly and asked us why we hadn’t consulted the internet this morning. We were like O really its closed. mrrr. ha. He said no its not closed but it doesn’t open till 11. OOO. Thank god. As it happened it was only 10:15. In reality we were going to be one of the first few people on the mountain after all. Awesome. This also gave us plenty of time to do some ski shopping at the ski store in which I definitely bought a new pair of goggles. Oakley’s. yesss. They weren’t too expensive either.

After hitting the slopes. We hadn’t even made it to the top on the first run when the rain started coming. NO. As much as I hate the rain I love skiing much much more so I decided that I was willing to stand it. By the end of the day we were both soaked through and through, but it was still fun.

I can’t even explain my feelings when I get off the ski lift for the first run of the season. Nothing feels more satisfying. Although I am a girl, I still can you use this word because it explains everything. Boner. We spent the whole day with the resort practically to ourselves. It was perfect. We hit some serious slopes and did some easy trails. All and all an awesome day. My stuff is dripping downstairs in the furnace room and I’m trying to dry it out.

As I am a total ski nerd the entire time we were up on the mountain I could do nothing else but look at my ski’s and smile with pride. I heart them… literally. I love them so much, it was a great investment. Even huger boner. haha.

Because of the rain we weren’t able to capture the action shots I was hoping to get, but its okay because I plan on going many more times before break ends. Maybe next time? Overall today was A++. I LOVE SKIING.

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