Talk about an annoying bug. This is a ticker. The locusts use them as ticking time bombs and they strap bombs onto their backs and let them lose on you, hence the name. How innovative. I finally was able to spend about four hours playing the new gears of war this past Saturday when I was trapped at my friends house because of snow and ice. Can’t say that that was a bad trade. Starting off the game, we did a halo sort of thing being placed inside of a huge complex and working out way out as locusts poured in from all angles.

Once outside we boarded an Assult Derrick [How’d they come up with this name], and headed into battle toward the mines. Don’t you just love how all of the locusts strong holds are underground? A pain in the ass I’d have to say. When you are on the Assult Derrick of course you have to fight other hijacked Assult Derricks because the locusts are smart ones and then the Brumacks come in. This is when i felt like I was watching lord of the rings all over again. There were all kinds of locusts gathering on the ground and the Brumacks are attacking you [like the the trunked elephants from LOTR] and then we passed through a desolate land that reminded me of where they had been manufacturing orcs. Even with the similarity still a hell of a game play. Love it. In case you haven’t seen a Brumack here is a picture.


Now does this guy look easy to kill? Yeah right.

Once we exit the Assult Derricks and begin our destruction on foot we encounter the tickers. Now these guys can be brought down with one shot of any gun, even the pistol. Easily. That’s what makes them so annoying because they are so easy till kill they send them in the masses. And you have to keep a close eye out because they can’t get to close sine they do have bombs strapped to their backs. This means that if you are sniping and the tickers come towards you and you don’t see them because you have your scope on they will  blow up when they reach you. Ass wipes.

They also make this creepy fhit fhit fhit fhit fhit sound when they are scurrying towards you. Like crabs. But like all of the other annoying locusts you must put up with them and plunder in your quest to save civilization. All in a day’s job I guess.



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