So, This morning I was up quite early and out to proctor for the LSAT because the pay is quite good I must say. The night before, till ummm 3am I did a complete revamp on my computer with my highly skilled friend. This means I was here while we backed up all my files then wiped out everything and started again [but I won’t lie, I really had no idea what was going] haha. The results are quite amazing though, I must say. My computer runs now like it did four years ago when I first bought it. JoJo is my computers name in case you were wandering and he is quite happy with his new makeover.

There was one problem that went wrong with JoJo though. After we reinstalled all of the driver’s, we popped in a DVD to make sure it would run properly and the sound was unaligned and needed some work. Because of this and the fact that I had to leave the next morning so early for the proctoring my friend said leave it at my house and you can come pick it up when you are done. Great idea right?

After the proctaring was finished today [in which I read over a half of a book titled The Reconing by Jeff Long], I headed back over to his house. When I got there I started watching wanted with him and ended up taking a nap and before long it was late already. I woke up, said peace out cub scout, and headed on my way back to my apartment. My friend has his room down in the basement of a house so we did not realize that it had been snowing the entire time. Crap. I go outside and yes it has been snowing but I’m thinking I’m okay, the roads aren’t piling with snow.

I set off down his steep driveway and head back. I find out immediately that things are not going well. I am sliding all over the place. I mean everywhere. At one point I locked on the E-break and started fish tailing down a small hill then I turned it off and let my tires catch. This is not good. Cars are in ditches. Terrible. I call my friend and tell him that I am thinking of turning back or if maybe he can come pick me up and bring me back since he has a truck with four wheel drive. I tell him I’m going to find somewhere to pull my car off and then I will be able to tell him where I am located.

I start down a pretty steep hill looking for somewhere to pull off and I see one woman standing outside of her car that is in a huge ditch, shit. I move into the left lane and I can’t even stop to talk to her because I’m going down the hill whether I want to or not. My wheels had no traction.

At the bottom of the hill I let out a big breath of air and I come around a turn I start up another small slope and this is when I loose complete control. This has never happened to me before. I mean I couldn’t steer the car, even while pressing the gas hard the car was moving backwards and to the left. I crossed into the left lane [don’t worry no cars were present] and I went straight into a ditch on the road. I am shaking so hard and I have my foot jammed on the brake but the car is still sliding backwards. I jam on the E-break and the car finally comes to a complete stop. At this point I am freaking out and really I am fine and my car is fine. I just don’t like driving in weather like this.

I got out of the car because what do you think, I’m not going to let someone else drive around the bend and do the same thing as me drive right into Maximus. No way. I step onto the road and I find out just how much of a complete sheet of ice it is. I immediately fell to the ground and start sliding down the hill.

I get up and laugh at myself, nobody saw. After a few minutes, while my friend and his dad are on the way, another car heads around the bend. This time a Subaru with all wheel drive. I hold up my hands and told him to watch my car. He starts to slow down and guess what, does the exact same thing I did. Now he’s stuck in the ditch. great.

Finally my friend and his dad arrive and of course a woman comes onto her porch. She starts shouting down to us and narrating the entire situation which I must say was quite hilarious. At one point she’s like “You want me to go in and get Vern, he’s probably just sitting on the coach anyway.” No thanks I yell up to her and wave. There’s no way she’s leaving that porch into the situation is resolved. Talk about a rubber neck. Two cars stuck in a ditch, this must be prime time news for someone who lives so far in the woods.

A total of four guys pushed my car out of the ditch and we get Maximus back onto the road. Yay! Then we all get the Subaru out. I wasn’t much help. I was trying to be cautious on the ice but I walked onto it again and went straight down this time really hurting my butt. I started sliding down the hill yet again [luckily nobody knows about the first time] and the woman from the porch starts screaming. “O shit there she goes, somebody grab her.” Come on now, this lady was hilarious. We got my car safely to a church parking lot and then I head back with D and his dad in the truck. So much for getting to work tomorrow at 8am. I guess we’ll just have to see how much they get the roads cleared by tomorrow.

My traumatic experience with the ice is over and my car and I are okay which I am very thankful about. Although I did cry and freak out because of how out of control my car really was as I slid into the ditch. This just goes to show, don’t drive on ice. haha.

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