dawnA new day is awakening. This is the first semester in the past seven semesters that my finals were completely stress free and I was able to take my finals and call it a day without worrying. woosh. [that was my breath being let out]. I have done all I could and even if I didn’t do my best there is no danger because I feel that I still am able to get all A’s and B’s, and I’m absolutely positively completely fine with that. Now I have the month off to work and work and probably work some more. O yeah.

This also means that I can read for pleasure… right now that means the Historian by Elizabeth Kostova and anything else that catches my fancy. This also means that I have to start studying for Russian 203. Over break I’m going to attempt to study enough material that when I come back in the spring I can test out of Intermediate Russian and move on to Intermediate Russian part 2. This would be very helpful since I’ve applied for a scholarship to go to Russia and they want to know what you have completed some intermediary studies.

I am also looking into a trip for spring break. I signed up for a triatholon training course and the teacher works at thte student recreation center at my college and is the head of different trips and things that the school offers. Over our spring break they will be taking a trip and heading down South to go caving, rock climbing, and hiking. How can I not want to go. This sounds awesome. So I’m looking into it further of course I don’t know that it will end up happening but I do intend to see what the fees are and ultimately make a decision before Xmas break is over.

Also, I have to keep up with all of the trips that I have been taking to visit friends throughout the states that I live near. I am just busy busy busy already and the break hasn’t even started yet. It feels good to know that I’m done with this semeter, but I am also growing more frantic because this is it. My last Xmas break before I have to enter the real world. Where will I be one year from now??? Only time will tell.

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