Okay let me start off by saying both movies are amazing. Both instant classics, and both are must sees. Now its time to get down to the nitty gritty. The godfather 1 is by far greater than the godfather two. It trumps the godfather 2 with characters, action, mob wars, etc. I’ll get into all of this in just a minute. Now we all know that sequels cannot stand alone, because they’re sequels. duh. So I’m not even going to bring this point up again. Very few movies have amazing sequels. This is one of the few so I’m not even going to let that little measly point get in the way. Now for the breakdown.



Starting off with the characters: We have Don Vito Corleone still in his hay day at the beginning of the movie, Sonny, Tom Hagen, Michael (we’ll save him for 2 mostly), Luca Brasi- My personal favorite, the five families most importantly in this movie the Tattagalia’s, Johnny Fontane isn’t he just everything and more blah blah, Clemenza, and Sollozzo. Wow talk about an amazing cast.

God Father 1 has two of the best catch phrases ever. “I’m gonna make you an offer you cannot refuse” and “I don’t want to wake up beside a horse’s head”.

One of my favorite characters in this movie was Luca Brasi. He’s so big and foreboding and so awkward. When he’s at the wedding, he gets put on the list to see Don Corleone just to thank him for inviting him to the wedding. When he goes up to talk to him I think that he’s going to ask for something seeming that everyone is trying to make a debt to the Godfather. Then I see how sincere he is and how nervous. I love it. He has a planned speech and is still having trouble getting out the words. When he is killed it is very sad. Then they send his bullet proof vest with a fish in it to show that he sleeps with the fishes. Poor Luca Brasi. I am glad that the family who killed him did indeed suffer. Al Neri doesn’t have anything on him.


Of course we have Sonny, who is completely hot headed and hard to calm down. Having to reason with him or any other pig headed man is just out of the question. Asshole. Can I just bring up the sex scene when Sonny does one of the bride’s maids at the wedding. Now come on people she was godawful ugly and his wife who knows what he’s up to is gorgeous. Please tell me how that works. How can he enjoy that. Eww.

Michael not really a big part of the movie until he steps up and kills Sollozzo and Capt. McCluskey. Thank-you for manning up after upsetting the family by joining the military. (Not that there’s anything wrong with that), but you should have known that the loyalty of your family would be above everything else in the beginning. One thing I find despicable though is when they send him to Sicily he totally forgets all about Kaye and ends up MARRYING, yes marrying Appolonia. Really? The scars weren’t even off his face yet when he marries her which shows it was in little to no time at all. Then he’s the reason she dies. great. good to know.


Tom Hayden is the controlled business man. He deals with all of the problems and takes care of them quietly and effectively. With his high position he also has connections that can help keep the Corleone family out of trouble.

Now Scenes: The wedding scene in the beginning is a great one although Connie marries Carlo Rizzi a complete asshole (and we will see how they get introduced in 2), we are introduced to the Godfather and his business. Even on a day of celebration business cannot wait and dealings must be done. The celebration was a good one and the wedding gifts were plenty.

We also have the attempted assassination of Don Vito at the market. I mean he was shot five times and did survive (just a little unrealistic), but still a very good scene. Overall done very well.

Now the meeting between the heads of the five families, Greatness. Here Don Vito gives a speech which gave me goosebumps. He wants to end this war. Sonny is dead and so the meeting was called. Here he makes peace but not for long. The drug trade is in and he will serve them protection, even after they have attempted to kill him because of it.


The Baptism. Right now my heart beats faster just thinking about it. Michael has taken power. He has agreed to become the godfather of his sisters baby (The child that is used in this scene was in fact Coppola’s daughter in an uncredited role) and while he is sitting in the church listening to recitations from the priest and the baby is being baptized, Al Neri and Clemenzo are out helping to commit the murders of all of the heads of the five families. As the blood is sprayed Michael sits peacefully in the church. Then after he is made godfather, he has Carlos strangled from behind for working for Brazini. All in a days work I guess.

The final scene, when Clemenzo and Al Neri come to tell Michael that all of the jobs have been taken care also shows the significance of Kay and Micheal’s relationship. Michael is now being recognized as the new Godfather. He has allowed Kay to ask him one question about the family’s business [and then he lies to her, asshole] she is relieved by his lies and walks out of the room to get a drink. While she is standing there watching Clemenzo and Al Neri kiss Micheal’s hand and recognize him as the new Godfather. Al Neri then walks over and shuts the door on her. That signify’s the end of Micheal and Kaye. He now is in control of the family and their needs. His heart can no longer lie with Kay at this point. Quite sad.

gf12In the scene where they show the Mansion that Woltz owns. The unlucky movie director that gets the horses head in his bed. (Poor animal.) When that scene begins and fades in there are cars parked around a loop. Old Cars. There is a Chord sitting to the far left. It’s a beige color. My daddy has one of those. There’s only about 2000 in exsistance and he’s a proud owner. Its getting remodeled though and has been for the past 10 years. ha. When we were watching the movie he paused it so I could see. I already knew before he told me. 🙂

This movie is basically all complete greatness. Vito Corleone is the man. Michael is okay. Fredo is a freak with a very large receding hair line. I would like him more if he wasn’t such a weasel. It really is a shame when you have to kill family members because they betray you. Terrible terrible man.

If you do not agree with what I have to say then vaffanculo. No seriously. ha.


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