My ranking for this movie: 2 stars

I’ll give one star for the baseball game, because that scene was awesome and pretty much how I pictured it when I read the book and I’ll give one star for the last scene in the studio because that’s how I would have pictured that as well.

Everything else was bullocks. Now before I go further into this review I will say that I understand that this movie was made by a movie company that is not well known and that it was directed by two women who area also not well known. With that said, I do understand why the special effects (such as the vampire’s running through the woods and climbing trees) was not very good so I won’t dwell on this any long.

As for the rest of the movie, Jacob is introduced in the opening scene, not at LaPush. Bullocks -1.

Charlie didn’t look like I pictured him. Bullocks -1.

The house did not look at all as I pictured it. Bullocks -1.

Edward sparkling in the sun. Terrible. In my head I pictured him like diamonds and every which direction he moved you had to move your eyes because it was so bright. Rubbish -1.

Bella’s Lullaby. Because I love the piano and playing classical music the scene in the book where Edward plays her the lullaby made me feel so much emotion. In the movie I wasn’t even sure if he was playing the right music and it seemed more detached from the movie than a part of it. I didn’t feel it. Also Rubbish -1.

For some reason all of Bella’s friends were Biracial (Not that there is anything wrong with this) but in the book they are clearly not. Bullocks -1.

As for the Cullen’s family:

Esme wasn’t in the movie much but I did like her. +1

Carlisle. I didn’t picture him like this but now I can. That actor played the character well and exactly how I pictured it. +2

Rosalie was not nearly as painstakingly beautiful as she should have been. Bullocks -1.

Jasper wasn’t really who I expected him to be although he’s not a major character -.5.

Emmet. Love him. He was very good looking and funny, but not in the movie enough. +1/-1

Edward was only beautiful at times, his forehead was too high with that hairstyle. Bullocks -1.

Bella was not how I pictured her however, she did fit the character well, and was funny. +2

The development between Edward and Bella lacked greatly (obviously it always does in movies). They went from just meeting to being in love between two scenes. So unrealistic especially when you know how much more development there is in the book. Double Bullocks -4.

James. Super hott. Quite awesome. Knew he had to die and he should have but I liked looking at him. +1

Victoria. What was with the fur? And her hair was not fire read it was more like Strawberry blonde. -1

As for the events they were so out of sync with the book. I did not like that at all. -3.

Let me add in here the Baseball scene and the fight at the end. +4.

The car accident scene was supposed to happen because of ice. Not cool. -1.

The prom would have never looked like that in a small town. Now come on people. -2.

Bella’s prom dress sucked. -1.

Stephanie Meyers appearing in the movie. Good choice, because if I get my book published and it turns into a movie I’ll want to do the same thing. +3

The fans at the midnight showing: The most annoying people you will ever come into contact with. They laughed at little things that were not funny, they clapped, they talked out loud like everyone wanted to hear what they were saying, and most of all they made my movie experience worse then it might have actually been. Piss off all of you. -10.

Confessions of a Writer<3

So in the end: -14.5. Terrible.

This just goes to show for the 100 millionth time that the book is 1 million times better than the movie. Why do people keep trying? Its never going to be the other way around. Face the facts.

Also Note: Although I feel this way, if they make the next book a movie I will most definitely go and see it.:)