img_1326Author’s NOTE: Please DO NOT try this at home. This was done in the presence of trained individuals and there was EMS staff on standby.

So, this is what I got to do Sunday with my forensic’s class 🙂 We lit a car on fire using a bag of potato chips as accelerate, we had the firefighters come in and put the fire out, and then we processed the scene like it would be done in a real life situation. There was a dummy in the car but I didn’t want to post pictures because people might think its a real dead body and that probably would not be good.

I was in charge of the narrative so I went and talked to all of the firemen at the scene and interviewed them for any importanat information. Surprisingly we found quite a few things in the car after the smoke died down. Proof that not everything goes right up in flames, like on tv.

Most importantly we found a gun in the bag of potato chips and that is a big piece of evidence. This could have been a suicide.

Can I just say one thing. It was absolutely positively freezing where we were and I was not prepared at all. I came straight from work and I had to drive up into the mountains and it was so cold I thought my fingers and toes were going to fall off. Ridiculous.

I survived though. One thing I do ask, please don’t die when I’m not prepared because it sucks. k thanks. haha.

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