Its getting even closer. Less than a week before we can see the Twilight saga in a motion picture. I’m so excited!

Now here is the Question: Who’s going at midnight??? haha. Freak. Just kidding. I will be in theaters on Friday after I get home home from school for Turkey Break.


Now there are plenty of crazy websites dedicated to all twilight things which obviously shows a fan frenzy.

I won’t lie, I like when I was into twilight before all of the hype about it started. When I read a book, I do realize that other people out there read that same book, but there’s a personal feeling I get when I connect with the characters and see the world through their eyes. When the hype about something starts up it starts to diminish that perosn aquantence you have made with the book. At least for me anyway, it was the same thing with Harry Potter. I don’t follow trends well. If I hadn’t already been in love with Harry Potter or the Twilght series before they got out of control I most likely would have never read them.

As the author of the Twilgiht series I would be absolutely overwhelemed with the fact that my books are so popular. When I read little tid bits about Twilight or see a display of the Twilight books in a window at the mall I always stop for a second and think what it would be like if my book were that popular and it was that big. I can’t imagine it though, because that thought is way to far out of my grasp. Her book idea was brilliant. And it came from a dream. This is proof that dreams really do come true!

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