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This post is about an article I found written by Fox News in which British Intelligence Agencies will now be using video games as a way to recruit their next few classes of spies. Welcome to the new generation, where sitting in the comfort of your own home you can be recruited to become a spy without even realizing it. This is a High Security Alert to all British Xbox Players. Be Very Aware of the Content of your Video Games. ha. The Entire Article is posted here.

Fox News

LONDON  —  A British intelligence agency is seeking spies in cyberspace.

GCHQ, the surveillance arm of British intelligence, said Thursday it hopes to attract computer-savvy young recruits by embedding job ads within video games such as “Tom Clancy’s Splinter Cell: Double Agent.”

GCHQ, which stands for Government Communications Headquarters, said it was looking to reach “an Internet-savvy generation of graduate groups.”

In a statement, GCHQ said it hoped the campaign would “capture the imagination of people with a particular interest in IT.”

The monthlong ad campaign, which starts at the end of October, is being run by GCHQ, the recruitment firm TMP Worldwide and Microsoft-owned in-game ad agency Massive Inc.

Ads headed “Careers in British Intelligence” will appear as billboards in scenes in “Splinter Cell” and other games including “Need for Speed Carbon” and “Enemy Territory: Quake Wars” when they are played on computers and Microsoft Xbox consoles in Britain.

Kate Clemens, Head of GCHQ’s digital strategy at TMP Worldwide, said the campaign would target frequent gamers who “are particularly receptive to innovative forms of advertising.”

“The world of online gaming offers GCHQ a further route to target a captive audience,” she said.

GCHQ employs about 5,000 people at its high-tech headquarters in Cheltenham, western England.

Britain’s shadowy intelligence services have slowly been raising their profile — and deflating some cherished secret-agent myths — as they attempt to attract a larger and more diverse pool of recruits.

The foreign intelligence service MI6 launched a Web site in 2005, which cautions that its work is far from the “level of glamour and excitement” of James Bond films.

Its domestic counterpart, MI5, has an online section tackling “myths and misconceptions” that stresses “we do not kill people or arrange their assassination.”

MI5 has placed job ads on the side of double-decker London buses and tried to attract more female applicants with ads in women’s changing rooms at gyms.

MI6 — long the preserve of white, male graduates of Oxford and Cambridge universities — now stresses it requires employees from a wide range of backgrounds and with a variety of skills.

One recent newspaper ad appealed for administrators under the tag line: “Protect your country. At your desk.”


Ridiculous. Selling virtual advertisement space is just one step closer to allowing advertisements to rule the world. You can’t even freaking pee in a public place these days without someone trying to cram something down your throat, or someone trying to get you to buy some great gadget. Combine this with the Hypodermic Needle theory (aka the magic bullet theory) and the next Hitler should be upcoming in ohh… a few years at the most.

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