So I just can’t resist. After looking at all of the pick up lines Hawty McBloggy posted I really wanted to make some of my own. (Hope you don’t mind:)). To see hers if you haven’t already click here.

So here goes nothing…

10. You want some serious action? Meet me in the green room in 10.

Now as you should know there is only one green room in halo and that would be on Lockout, the one on Guardian just isn’t the same so it doesn’t count. This maps not nearly as cool as the original. Seriously who hasn’t thought about getting it on in there? But one word of advice, stay to the middle and don’t forget the opening at the top where people may peep. haha.

9. My Gun is Locked and Loaded. Are You Ready?

If you are willing to go the distance by saying this one, then you better have the goods to prove it. Let me tell you, it better be something to get excited over or its definitely a no go.

8. “Quick, Quick, where do you think we should hide the flag?”

“I’m so glad you asked, we’ll just insert it into your base, and wait for everyone to pass.”

Of course she’ll know right away which flag and which base you are referring to and if she doesn’t brush you off, well then you know you’re about to score. O yeah. Big pimpin.

7. You think we should camp? Come over here baby, we’ll camp together.

In reference to halo, this would be a quickie, because everyone knows that if you’re going to camp its a good spot used to wait for and obliterate the enemy. This one liner means you got to get in, you got to get out, and you got to get going. if you’re very lucky, you will be completely flustered, you will be completely satisfied, and you will still get the kill. Now chop chop, have at it.

6. Would you like some role play? I could bring my sword over and we could go at it All Night Long.

I’m pretty sure many of us out there are willing to get freaky when it comes to the bedroom. There’s nothing wrong with putting up a fight and getting a little frisky. You need to use this line on someone who would appreciate your idea and just roll with it.

5. I own at sniping, and when I lock onto something, I don’t stop till I get it.

Oooo a challenge. Who doesn’t like a challenge? Just don’t talk the talk unless you can walk the walk. And don’t set out to kill the girl you’re trying to impress, let her appreciate you skills by killing the other guys, then lock onto her.

4. Mind if I recklessly Plunge into Your Portal?

Make sure you are playing a level with portals first of all, just in case they aren’t the humorous type and second of all don’t make comments involving more than one portal because that classifies you as a man whore and lets face it, nobody likes a man whore. Now if your talking about all the portals from the same girl, you’re all in the clear.

3. How about we go hijack that warthog and then we can get down and dirty. Perhaps we could even throw a little road head in there.

You must introduce that last sentence in as “just a suggestion” type deal. Don’t imply anything and don’t forget No means NO. If you mention it though, as if it wouldn’t matter, you might get luckier than you think. A girl always likes to think that doing really crap stuff for someone else’s pleasure was her idea in the first place. Besides hijacking a warthog with a girl spartan is fun anyway. Right?

2. “Let me obtain the Over shield, and then I’ll give you the time of your life.”

Boys, the longer you last, the better it is. Ummhmm. To make things happen you got to go the distance. If you want to completely satisfy her you have to go above and beyond all previous experiences. So while you might be getting shot at, there’s plenty of power for you to do your thing.

1. Screw the plasma grenades, I’ll sticky you myself.

Yes kind of offensive but too funny. How can you not like it. I wouldn’t recommend saying this to just anyone though, only someone with just as much humor as you and also someone that’s willing to get dirty for you.