spy-museum-3spy-museumspy-museum-2I finally did it! I went to the spy museum and I got to cross it off of my very serious to do list for this year.

Let me tell you, this is the best museum I’ve ever been to and after spending four years going through the museum I realize that I still need a second visit so that I can go through the end a little slower.

When we first went in we were sent to a “debriefing room” where we watched a video that was so cool. I’m pretty sure most people wouldn’t appreciate it nearly as much as M and I. We’ve been obsessed with spies since we were young, before we even met soooo… obviously we are going to be so enthralled with everything.

After the “debriefing” and the very cool video was complete we were set loose in the museum. Yess. I read up on everything. Its a very intereactive place. Many different things for children and adults to do to learn about spies.

They even had quite a few things about the KGB which I was pretty shocked with, since the KGB is one of the biggest spy organizations next to the CIA.

One of my favorite rooms was the ode to carrier pigeons, who helped shape world war 2 with their message carrying abilities. In case you didn’t know, pigeons have received the most commemorable honors and metals compared to any other animal. As a true lover of birds, I take just as much pride in this little fact, as they would if they actually knew.

P.S. I’m not crazy. Thanks.

Overall, best museum ever. If you get a chance stop by and enjoy the intelligence community and get an incite into how they helped shape today’s history and supress wars that could have happened had they not interceded. (World War III). It’s located on F street right in downtown D.C.

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