Part of the Secret Service. haha. Most amazing weekend in a really really loong time. I was reunited with my best friend, we had long talks outside of a coffee shop about our lives and just caught up yesterday before I headed back to my apartment a state over. It was very nice.

What is pretty crazy is the fact that someone, I have no idea who he was, got mugged and we helped him clean up. I happened to be in Athens Ohio at Ohio University and if you don’t know much about OU, (trust me not many people do) they have a Huge Halloween PartAy! They block off the roads and everyone can just come. Its GIGANTIC! Apparently he and his friend were in visiting and they were walking down the street when six guys decided to beat them up.

Of course everyone was pretty drunk from what I hear, so that doesn’t help the situation, but we are just chilling outside on the porch and they come walking by and asked to use the bathroom. This guy is literally covered in blood and of course its Halloween, so anyone that sees hime will think its part of his costume probably.

In the meantime she figures out that its really blood and that his nose is gushing blood all over the place.

We sat with them for awhile and helped them get cleaned up and then when they were better they went on their way. It was a good act of kindness.

Overall the parties were insane, and we partied like it was our job.

Here’s to the weekends that let you have fun with friends, enjoy all moments that pass, && make you laugh until you cry. They don’t come often enough.

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