Today Crime Scene lab has been cancelled, and so I have no classes to be at and I’m going to visit my friend even earlier. Yay! This is my bestest friend mind you. All Hallow’s Eve is going to rock this year.

Unfortunately I’ve been feeling quite down lately because as the days are passing by faster and faster, I feel like I’m slowly and pacefully walking through syrup as I try my hardest to catch up. Every once and a while the fact that I’m graduating in May and I have no set plan starts to creep up on me. Then when I get new options I get excited for a hot second, but then I realize how highly competetive these options are and I become bummed again. I mean I definitely have a chance, don’t get me wrong, I’m just saying that its hard to feel like a failure.

The closer and closer I come towards graduation, the more I want it, and the more I fear it. Its time to overcome this hurtle and prove to myself mostly, but also my friends and family that I was able to accomplish something. But its also time to leave the safety shield of school behind. What I’ve known since I started to remember things.

Do you realize how much schooling we’ve been in. Years and Years. So when we are graduated and done, (since its not time for graduate school quite yet) the balance of our lives is completely tipped for better and worse.

The only thing I can tell you is that working a mundane 9-5 office job is not for me, as its not for most people I would assume. So then, what else is out there???

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