Boomer Background

Among the least sophisticated of the Locusts, Boomers are gigantic, obese, and tougher versions of the Locust Drones that can take a lot of damage. A Boomer’s weapon of choice is the Boomshot (a sort of grenade/rocket launcher), which they will fire while habitually shouting “Boom!” (thus the ‘Boomer’ moniker) which acts as a warning for Gears to move out of the way. They also sometimes say “For the Queen!” or “Die, enemy!”. They are often seen partnered with other Boomers, but they do not use infantry tactics, instead they move forward slowly and fire their weapons. Any Gear who can use cover can defeat this type of Locust. Boomers are however incredibly tough, able to withstand 3 Headshots from a Longshot on the hardcore and insane difficulties. It takes around 2 full clips of Lancer to kill one, but it is far easier to just tap a grenade on one. They can be easily identified by the rumbling noises of their footsteps, the introductory lines: “Enemies” or “Ground Walker” and have the deepest of all known locust voices so they can be easily spotted and engaged. Sometimes, Gears will announce “Boomer!” as another form of warning that one is in range.

Now go with me to one part inparticualar on Gears of war 1, act 2 right before you pick up the big ass car that you take on the road with you. You’re at the gas pump right before the locusts attack. You’re on casual of course because I’m not hardcore nor am I insane. It’s you, Dom, and the angry man who is keeping an eye on his register, even though like two seconds later the entire gas station gets attacked and the place is completely ruined.

So this is me. I start sniping because wouldn’t you know there’s a sniper rifle in that back room and I walk outside right when the Boomer appears and starts shooting his grenadelike gun. I start freaking out and of course Dom is over somewhere in the dark getting attacked by the Kryll and being useless. Its me and the angry man fighting this thing. I’m screaming and freaking out running in circles around the gas pump and using my whole body to maneuver (this is what happens when I get very irritated) the controller, so I’m pretty much useless.

It doesn’t help the matter that I forgot to switch back to the lancer and am trying to snipe at him at close range and all the while he is shooting at me and yelling  Boom! Boom! Boom!

I must say, this is very innovative and I like that. Although it is making me more anxious because I know every time he says it he’s shooting his gun, it also makes him more real.

Overall I like the boomers better than the locusts. They’re kind of cute. I just wish we had a few fighting with us not against us. Marcus Finex really needs to make some new friends. haha.

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