New item of the week or the next month should I say… the new topic of my research paper. Petitioning to a judge (my teacher) that the techniques in fingerprint residue using Gas Chromatograph Mass Spectrometry, should be admitted into court on a certain case.

Wow. Mouth full. I know right. I’ve already started doing the research, and it is quite interesting. A nerd like me would say, anyway. haha. I had to get a head start on this paper, when normally I’m a slacker, because I have alot of things coming up in the next few weeks like Halloween and many more fun things, so I want to get the paper pretty much written and out of the way so I don’t have to stress while I’m doing the fun things. Get it?

Now the coolest part about this process, is that they are using it to analyze your fingerprints for drugs, nicotine from smokers, and explosives and bombs.

In case you didn’t know you leave natural compounds when you touch your fingerprints, such as cholesterol, amino acids, fatty acids, etc.

Using a complicated extraction method, you can extract residues that are left in fingerprints after you lift them, and using a mass spectrometer, you can analyze the residues and determine if the person was touching illegal substances prior to their arrest.

The best part, those substances mold to your fingerprint, so that even if you think you can fight it, how can you, your pattern, that is unique to you and no one else in the world, is now holding the evidence for you. Amazing! Yeah yeah, getting excited over all of the little things. I know.

P.S. I testify for real in court testimony tomorrow. AAHH. I just need to be confident, be confident, be confident.

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