This man is absolutely hilarious. His English accent is so cute and he says Rubbish and Bollocks all the time. I love it, and I love this type of comedy.

How you might know him:

[[[The big break for Ricky Gervais came in 2001 when his own show the Office was piloted on BBC. The comedy was scripted with long time friend Stephen Marchant. The series proved a big hit, gaining a cult following. In the office, Ricky Gervais plays the boss, David Brent. David Brent is a caricature of the annoying boss. Although exaggerated for comic effect, it seemed to hit a nerve with many viewers; his sayings have gone onto become popular catch phrases. There was an American version of the Office, although it was moderated for the tastes of American audiences.]]]

One of my favorite parts is during the politics tour when he talks about the morals of kids nursery rhymes. hahaha. I laughed sooo hard. You need to check it out if you haven’t already.

He has three comedy tours all together and they are called Animals, Politics, and FAME.

From his talks about Hitler and Anne Frank to the Discovery and History Channel, he definitely will keep you laughing to the end.

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