Since I’m on this crazy marathon/ athletic kick, I definately went the distance today. This was my last time signing up for classes… senior year final semester and I really wanted ballroom dancing. I’m thinking yes, I’m a senior, I’m going to be able to get into that class and it will be alot of fun. I get on this morning and look, there were only 15 available spots and they were all filled before the seniors even were available to sign up. The honors students and athletes get first dibs so there goes my oppurnity… o well. I’m going through the physical fitness classes (which my school has many of) and I see one that says triathlon training. REally? I’ve always wanted to train for something like that. I swam in high school. There were 20 availabe spots for this and 12 were already filled. Without hesitating I said F it and signed in. My only hope (and possibly one of the reasons that I easily got in to the class) is people who are athletic are probably going to want to do something like this right… and hopefully alot of guys will want to do it right??? So wouldn’t that mean that I might possibly show up on the first day to 19 really hott atheltic guys and none other than me. Good thinking right. I know you all will laugh when I report that there were 19 girls instead. O well, I just hope that I’m in enough shape that at least I won’t get too far behind. Its pretty exciting though I must say.