Yesterday night, out at the bar, my friend and I ran into some boys that we ended up hanging out with for the night. I have known the one since freshman year and he has an identical twin brother that was down visiting. We had been waiting in line to get into a bar for quite sometime and they happend to be behind us.

After twenty minutes of standing outside and freezing our asses off, we decided that this particualr bar was not worth our time. So, we went to another bar to just get a few drinks and get in out of the cold. burr.

We had a good time. We were just chilling and then we hit the dance floor for awhile. It turns out that they were heading back towards the same place I live because they live in the complex next to mine. I was driving (Which Means I DEFINATELY was not drinking very much and was fine to drive) and offered them a ride since taking the bus back absolutely sucks.

They agreed that this was a much better plan and so after the night was over (and we went on a drunken endeavor to Jimmy John’s) we headed home.

After dropping my friend off we were heading back and I commented that I wasn’t tired because I had rested all day and would hopefully have a chance to play some gears of war when I got back… at like 3 am.


First thing to come out of their mouths. “YOU PLAY Video Games???”

Shocking isn’t it. “Yes I happen to.”

“But Gears of War? Aren’t you scared to play??”

And this launched us into the Gears of war conversation the whole way back to our apartments. We talked about the beserker and how terrifying it really was and we talked about the bats. Those damn bats.

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