So imagine what I thought when I saw this and realized I was going to have to fight it:

I was absolutely not happy and scared shitless. By the way if I ever was that close to it, I’d pee my pants. I was dodging this thing and screaming and as it ran through columns trying to bet me, I closed my eyes because I’m absolutely terrified. Especially when I’m at my apartment alone. I was determined to beat it though and that I did. Act 1 complete!

So here comes the berserker and what kind of an idea is it that you stand in front of the door and watch it run at you until it gets just one more step away before you doge it, so it will crash into the door and open it. Shit. I got owned by this thing at least 6 times before I looked up the way to actually beat it. And while the thing is running at me, I’ve got my thumb already half pushing A so I can roll out of the way. Let me just say more than a few times, I was a little premature.

Can I also add the fact that not only do you have to reel him in by letting him run at you one time, you have to do it 3 times. In between all of that business there are also 3 COG’s in this particular checkpoint that you need to obtain. Shit. Shit. Shit. Luckily I did it but I was all shook up when I reached the Act 1 achievment. Now that my hands are shaking and I can’t sleep… haha. Well I probably won’t loose sleep over it but it definately gets the blood flowing. Damn Berserker.

Confessions of a Writer<3