I got to try my hand at being an archeologist for a day, and it was really fun. I enjoyed it. Although manual labor isn’t really my thing [digging up dirt with a shovel] I can say putting the dirt back is much much easier.

As I was helping to uncover the bones with my little brush and spade I felt like I was on jurassic park seeming that this is the only movie I’ve really seen that I remember where they are excavating something. Of course we were uncovering humans… not dinosaurs. (So you aren’t confused).

Being able to try something like this out is definitely worth our while. We also dug up a pillow case that was tied with a belt: which contained a shirt, one shoe (soccer cleat), and pants. Just so you know this was all placed there one year beforehand by the director of the forensic science program so you don’t have to worry, this wasn’t the real deal.

One thing that is unreplicatable is the feeling you get when you uncover a bone that no one has found yet. Knowing that you are going to be able to help identify someone who has been missing, and helping their family find solace in knowing that this person has been recovered is awesome. To me, this is quite a sucess.

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