So this is the body of a 4,800 year old woman that archeologists dug up. She came complete with a fake eye made out of a mixture of tar and animal fat. How inovative. Wander if she could actually keep it in the socket… it kind of reminds me of the wooden eye that the character from pirates of the caribeean wore.

Anyway back to the point of this exerpt. Of course this is not the body I am going to be digging up but in my crime scene class this Friday we will be digging up a body in an area that it was burried in last year (No coffin of course).

How this works is the students each year dig up a body and examine the bones and catalog all of the things they find (that mundane paperwork) and then we get to bury another body to decompose for the next class. Of course these are not just random bodies, these are bodies of people who have been donated to science.

So in an effort to be like Mary Roach author of “Stiff” the extrodinary lives of human cadavers. PLEASE DONATE YOUR BODY TO SCIENCE. IT REALLY DOES HELP.

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