So I’m a college student, and a broke one at that. But I knew that playing halo 3 when it came out was a serious priority so buying the xbox 360 was a main priority. How was I going to do that??? I work a shitty job in a college town that doesn’t make much but it gets me by as long as I am not out out buying xbox 360’s and such. So I devised a plan. A friend and I got involved in plasma donation. It’s similar to donating blood but its only a component of your blood so its easy to rejuvenate and you can donate plasma twice a week. Where I go I get $30 each time.

So think about it, in like 6 weeks that plenty of time to have enough money to buy an xbox 360 and a pre-ordered halo 3 when it was released. How can I resist? I donated my plasma and as someone who gets sick from donating blood I feel fine every time I get up after donating plasma.

So you see my xbox and I have a serious connection because I literally bought it with my blood. And soon I will finally have xbox live. I’ve been playing on it for almost 6 years but I’ve never actually had it myself. I can’t wait!

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