Along with my top three favorite shows, one tree hill, alias, and its always sunny in Philidelphia I can now say I am obsessed with something else. Last week, after I moved back in at school I got sick. Not terribly sick but an annoying head cold sinus infection. boo. On Thursday I stayed home in bed at night and was clicking through hulu when burn notice jumped out at me. Not wanting to get into a whole new show seeming that I barely watch anything as it is I just decided to watch the first episode and that was it.

After the first episode, second, third, fourth… I knew I was hooked and there was no turning back. I finished the first season on Saturday and started watching the second season getting completely caught up by Sunday morning. wow. Let me tell you that is not me. I can’t sit around and watch shows like that for long periods of time. Its good. Everything about the show is amazing. The humor is there between Micheal and Fi and of course she’s mind blowingly hot and his ex girlfriend.

The ideas and the people that Micheal helps are also really good too. I just love this show now and I don’t know what I’m going to do because I need to see the next episode but apparently they are taking a few weeks off starting this week, so I’m going to have to wait till I can actually see it.

Crazy enough I called two naval intelligence senior officer recruiters today to talk to them about my life and possibly working in naval intelligence. Neither of them answered so I left messages for both and I hope that they will return my calls shortly. Figuring out the whole life thing is definately stressing me out. Hopefully the direction I should take will pop out at me soon.

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