I attended my first autopsy this week. We got all suited up and then I got to feel around at all the parts of the body. One thing I will say is the smell is horrific. I couldn’t smell that well because I had been congested all week long but even then I was able to get several wiff’s, that made me gag a little. Next time I am going to chew an extra large piece of mint gum so I can just smell that when I need to. I’m almost convinced it will be able to do the trick. We will see.

This week I’ve decided to start the Anita Blake vampire series by Laurell K. Hamilton. Book one is called guilty pleasures and it has been interesting so far. I am a big fan of her Merry Gentry series but there is one thing I really don’t like about her writing. Sometimes one of her books only spans over a two to three day time period. A 400 page book should not consist of only two to three days. It seems like the main characters just have a very bad weekend going from one thing to the next until you’re like My God can they get a rest?

I’ve crossed over to the semi real world. Its the phase in-between college and the real world and not something I take lightly. Time is ticking and I only have a year left. Yikes! Unfortunately I did finally loose my cousin to the real world’s tight grasp last week. He fell ill to the real world just like mostly everyone else who has graduated from school and isn’t going on to become nero scientists and masters of very serious subjects. It was sad, but everyone has to cross over sometime right?

I had a seven day week this week, which really does suck, but I can’t complain because its always something different everyday. I guess I better get going my sister is getting ansy for the computer.

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