Yeah! The benefit for breast cancer is over and done with and we have raised $1028.00. Yes. It was an awesome night and I hope everyone had as much fun as I did. It will be even better when we surprise my roomate’s family with a DVD and the check of everything we made.

And today I started my internship at the coronor’s office. How sweet is that? It was definitely a very exciting day to say the least!

My First Case Ever: An elderly woman was crossing train tracks and when she got to the other side she turned and started walking parallel to the train that was coming up behind her. It turns out that she hadn’t walked far enough across the road and the railing on the front of the train got her in the back of the head and she flew forward. When the EMT’s and police arrived on scene she was pronounced dead immediately and when I arrived with Deputy J (So we’ll call him) we got to take pictures of the body and and confirmed that the hit to the back of the head is what injured her enough to die.

So I am very busy and very excited about it. At the catering place we did four separate parties yesterday, a retirement banquet, two baby showers, and a graduation party. So it was a loonng day and I was quite exhausted later on that night.

On a very sad note one of my favorite cousins is moving six states away this weekend 🙁 He signed a contract in the real world for two full years. I’m very glad I haven’t reached the real world yet but I hate to see my close friends enter it. Ahhh… Life.

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