So… tomorrow is my last final for the semester and with it goes the end of my junior year. I have one week before the chaos of my summer starts and let me just say it might be fun, but not in the way of a student. I start my internship at the corners office a week from next Monday and it should be very interesting. I will be working four 8.5 hour days a week and during that time I will be on call any time of the day if there is a crime scene, a car accident, or an autopsy that needs done. That I might add… is actually quite exciting.

My job… at the catering company wasn’t supposed to start till after may 17th but they need me this weekend because of the hectic mother’s day dinner that will be going on so I’ve been scheduled to work my first few days in complete chaos. yeah. But its okay because one of my good friends works there (which is how I got the job) and she said she will help me when I get confused.

Tuesday is a big white water rafting trip that many of my college friends are attending. We are all getting together at my house the night before since I live closest to the river. That will be Very Fun and I am quite excited for it.

On Wednesday I will be at the Community College Bookstore because financial Aid comes down for the summer that day and they called me into work. Geez, I never get a break. And I’m sure once I go in on Wednesday they will want me on Thursday too.

As hectic as my summer will be I am looking forward to it.

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