There she is, just sitting. Sitting on a stick in the middle of a cage that she has been imprisoned in for years. How lifeless she looks and plump, the wild look gone out of her eyes. They are dull now, the long ago feel of the wild gone because the memories are gone. Will she ever have that look again? The happiness as she flies over the landscape looking into the clouds as they drift in the sky and watching the dots below from the cars on the streets? What about the feel of her wings as they are spread wide and she glides in blissful contentedness? Will it ever be that good again? Her voice has long since stopped. The cheerful coo has dulled and gone out of her as she sits on the same stick day after day after day. Why are they doing this?

I can take it no more. She must be released. Quietly I creep over to her cage and open it up. She doesn’t even move because she is so unhappy. I lightly wrap both of my hands around her body and pick her up off of her stick. Her legs are dangling lifelessly as she succumbs, letting her weight fall easily onto my hand. Quietly I tiptoe to the door and walk outside. Immediately she perks up, the sun shining on her. I let her sit on my arm giving her encouragement. She ruffles her feathers and stretches them questioning if they have the ability to hold her in flight again.

She cocks her head at me as she stretches her legs readying for the the flight. Bending low she coos showing her appreciation and then lightly hops to the end of my out stretched hand. Spreading her wings she takes off glinding through the air she makes a loop and flies by me and then up, up, up.

I wish never to be a caged bird.

Confessions of a Writer<3