It’s so hard for me to lead a normal boring life. There’s so much fun out there and to not go out and enjoy it is foolish. Who cares what people think. I never have and I never will. What do they have on me? They don’t know who I am and what I’m about and I don’t need to be judged by them. I only need to be judged by myself.

Last night I went out to see the movie 21. And it was AMAZING! I won’t give anything away that isn’t already known but I couldn’t believe how good it was. Just the fact that people are so good with numbers like that is awesome. Yes they don’t have much time to hang out and be with friends but think of that life. To be able to solve complex equations without a calculator. That in and of itself amazes me especially since I can’t include math in my list of expertes. People that go to MIT and apply for Harvard Grad School are brilliant.

But think of this oppurtunity. Being able make tons of money by going to Vegas on the weekend and counting cards. What a dream job. Think of how you would feel doing something like that. Staying in luxurious hotel rooms, taking on different disguises while playing tables in casinos for loads and loads of money, and living the high life.

Could you imagine taking on different identities every weekend and then coming back to college and fitting into the normal routine of classes and student life. What a secret.

Let’s see, what Identity would I choose first if I could do something like that?

I’d be Emma Taylor from North Carolina. Student at Wake Forest University. Enjoys the sun and beach trips. Nothing too serious to make her stick out. Just enough fun to get the job done.

I’d also throw in video game programming. Different optics and such.

I’d like to know just enough about things to seem like an expert when of course I am not. Being smart is very attractive, and being able to take on that idea for just awhile is more than satisfactory. I’m not saying I’m dumb, I’m just saying it doesn’t come as easy to me as it does to others.

Do you Dare to be different?

Confessions of a Writer<3