I can’t help but talk about Stephanie Myers and her trilogy starting with Twilight, New Moon, and Eclipse. (She is in the process of writing more novels for this series). If you haven’t read them and love a good romance vampire/werewolf love story than this if for you. ha. I have never been moved with more emotion than when I read these books.

Because I am reluctant to give anything away in the stories I won’t go into much detail about them except to say that they are AMAZING. Even more amazing though is the way that Stephanie Myers came to write this book. According to her web page she had a dream about one of the scenes in the first book and that is when she awoke and knew that she must write. This is someone who became successful because of a dream she had and decided to write it on paper and kept writing until everything fell into place.

She had really no plans before this to write and if she did she didn’t have time to act on the impulses with her life and family. She went onto Writer’s Market, Made an account, and sent a query out to about eight different agencies. And who signs her of all people? Writer’s house. Writer’s house is one of the top dog literary agencies out there. They have signed people like Nora Roberts (whom I’ve read almost all of her books) and Ann Seabold author of “The Lovely Bones”.

So this dream, this scene that she had in her head led her to become a number one best seller and she has gone on to write two more books and even other books with new ideas. Although I have been rejected by six people at Writer’s House I can only say that Stephanie is the woman who made me get my ass up and write a query letter. I had no idea, before I went to her website how I was going to go about this whole process, and it was really good to hear how someone so successful did it. So thank-you Stephanie, hearing about your success gives me great hope.

Favorite Quote:

“One thing I truly knew—
Knew in the pit of my stomach,
In the center of my bones,
Knew it from the crown of my head to the soles of my feet,
Knew it deep in my empty chest—–
Was how love gave someone the power to break you.”
La Tua Cantante—> They call her my singer, because her blood sings for me.
[Confessions of A WRITER]