Why is it soo shocking that women do play video games and are just as interested in them as guys? It shouldn’t be. First person shooter, third person shooter, story mode, its all the same and can be played just as well by any female. Back in the day when I played counter-strike and half life online I didn’t join into conversation much because if those boys figured out I was a girl they would get apalled and more than likely kick me out of the game. And guess what, these days I don’t care.

And then when Halo became a big deal and I got my first xbox and hooked in on xbox live people just couldn’t believe that I, a girl, was playing, and I was kicking some serious ass. I wasn’t a stellar player then, but I surely wasn’t last so booyah. And its fun. I have just as much ability to enjoy hours of game as much as anyone else. I will admit that on ocassion when I was playing with my guy friends (who were really good at halo) they would let me have the microphone and I would crap talk the other players and pretend like I was the one doing all the work when in fact I wasn’t even playing. Manipulative I know, but these days I don’t need other people to play for me.

On the day of the halo 3 release my friend and I of course made halo shirts and reserved a copy at best buy for midnight. When we showed up the boys in line were staring in disbelief because let’s face it we looked damn good in our shirts and we are super cute anyway. haha.

Just yesterday three people came over to my apartment to play halo 2. There was 2 guys and 2 girls. We decided to pair up girls vs. guys on team slayer.

LEVEL: lockout, 50 kills to win.

Needless to say we won… every game. We’re good and we make a good team and it just proves that females are better. Not only because they are good at wooing boys but because they kick ass in all things. So I’ve said all I’m going to say about this but come on guys, let’s face it, you can’t ignore us any longer.

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