Don’t you just love it when you can sigh and let all of the stress roll off your back? You must know that feeling after a HUGE exam when you’ve been studying for hours sometimes for days on end and you are freaking out. And then, when you go into the test very nervous and very unsure of how well you are about to do (even after all of the studying), all of the worry just rolls right off your back as you get into the rhythm of answering the questions.

Getting out of the test is the best part. When I turn it in and walk out of the room no matter what I know I’ve done my best and I can just breathe easy for awhile. You must know that feeling, the feeling of just letting all your worries melt away because there’s absolutely nothing more you can do but wait.

You know, giving the responsibility to someone else and leaving the results in their hands for awhile. Its nice.

But I must say I’ve had my fill of oligosaccharides, glycoproteins, and sterioisomers. I’m not looking at that stuff again until well, my next test.

Sooo that is why I can say Ahhh life. Because I’m pretty much happy to have big things taken care of, with spring break drawing nearer and nearer by the second. Its time to relax tonight, and soo, let the drinking begin. Peace.

Confessions of a Writer<3