Let me just start off by saying that I am not a true cat hater. I would never intentionally harm cats nor would I not feed them if I saw them starving. In fact I feed three when I’m working late nights because they sit and stare at me out in the parking lot until I can’t bare it anymore and I start throwing them food out the window. But I must stick up for dogs. I am an all around dog lover and cats are no contestant. I don’t ever see myself owning cats.

So, you must also know that there is a crazy cat house on the street where my apartment is located. And at the crazy cat house there sits at least eight to ten cats on the porch, down the steps, in the yard. I walk down the alley where it is located everyday on my way to class and I used to think it was run by a crazy cat man until one day I met the woman.

I have seen her walking out and about often. But she is always walking a small dog that is graying and limps. She treats it with the utmost care and she wears a long black jacket. Her hair is long and in all honesty she reminds me of a good witch. She is very kind and I normally always stop to say hello when I’m walking by.

Honestly though, in all the times I’ve stopped to see her she’s never by the crazy cat house and she’s always walking her dog and there are never any cats around. How could I possibly have linked her to the crazy cat house then???

It just so happens one day I left for class a little early and I was walking down the alley just as she turned the corner and started walking up it from the opposite direction. I smiled and noticed something in particular. The dog was walking beside her but there was also a cat walking behind her. This was a nice cat. Most of the cats that reside at the crazy cat house look like stray cats. They are missing body parts and are dirty, plus their fir is sometimes matted and in disarray.

I stopped and said hello and then I asked how her dog was doing. At the last visit she told me that the reason why her dog was limping was because it had a tumor at the back by its legs. She was sixteen years old and the women was just letting her live the rest of her days peacefully until the inevitable happened.

I asked her about the cat I had never seen before. She turned and said “O Him, That’s the Hulk. He’s one of the few cats we actually keep inside.” And then she pointed at the crazy cat house.

Shocked, I tried to mask my surprise and and then I asked her how many cat’s she actually had.

She smiled and told me fourteen. But really only three. All of the others are from college students that abandon them and she lets them come to her house and eat and then she hurriedly told me not to say anything because that’s illegal in the burrow.

I told her that her secret is safe with me. And then I bent down to pet her dog, but her cat was too fast and already had its head under my hand. I almost pulled back but didn’t and I actually petted him.

Needless to say he knows when I’m coming these days and he’s always outside waiting. We’ve become friends and he’s lucky to get my affections when there are so many other cats there that I refuse to even come near. He follows me down the road and he turns back before I get to the main road to cross the bridge into downtown. Hulk has a very interesting personality and I’m not going to lie I’ve grown very fond of him.