So what to write about? What to focus on?

I don’t know how exciting my life is right now as a prospective college graduate, but hopefully you’ll be able to follow my journey as I try to make it in the world.

As a forensic science college student I’m sure most of my posts will be focused on that for now and of course video games. I’m quite a fan of relaxing but I don’t have a ton of time to enjoy video games and escaping the real world for a hot second while I re group, but I will write of my adventures as I try to carve my path in the world. Enjoy!

O and I almost forgot… One of the other major focus’s of this blog will be about  becoming a published Author. I had an account on writer’s market and found out how hard it can be on the quest to getting published. I’ve been rejected four times already and I’m sure the numbers are only going to keep rising. I’m trying desperately to get a literary agent who likes my book so that I can try to get a publisher. This is a big bummer because everyone that I sent a letter to rejected me so far. We’ll see how it goes in the future.