I never thought it would be so hard to write a form letter about my book to send out to Literary Agents. Truth be told: its freaking hard. Think about it. Aspiring authors slave over their manuscripts for months and sometimes even years until they think it is the best it can be. And then, they are only able to write a one page letter about a 402 page book explaining the whole book to someone whom doesn’t actual understand your writing style. The objective is to make them understand and love the book like you do. Its freaking hard!

For me, I spent four days writing that form letter and I think I might have gone about it all wrong. It is so hard to only write one page worth of information because not only does it have to entice someone to want to publish your book, it has to include all the other information like how long it is, and your contact info which takes up the minute space you have available in the first place.

It is said, that 100 rejections is okay, for whatever reason seeming that 100 rejections sounds like a freakin lot so I guess the most you can do is just keep sending them out. Its just very hard to take a 402 page book and explain it in a 1 page paper. That’s the beauty of the business though, nobody has time to read anything these days.

So enough with the ranting, but I am revamping my form letter to make it better than ever, so maybe then it can get noticed. I suppose I’ll write more later, I’ve got Russian work I need to catch up on. Peace.

Confessions of a Writer<3