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Castel Sant’ Angelo Looking Out Over Rome

The Vatican Rome ITaly

The Vatican

Would you like to see an amazing view of all of Rome and you don’t feel like walking up the 551 steps that leads to the top of the Vatican Dome? Don’t worry, I got you covered. I’ve got just the Castle for you to add to your day trip at the Vatican that’s just down the street and makes a wonderful and enjoyable combination for a day in Rome.

Castel Sant Angelo Rome Italy 16Called Castel Sant’ Angelo, this castle was originally commissioned and ordered built by Emperor Hadrian to be a mausoleum. Later it became a fortress for the popes until it was made into the museum it is today. At one time it was the tallest building in all of Rome and for our purposes that’s where we’re headed, to the top! But first, I should probably tell you how to get there.

Google Maps Snap Shot Castel Sant Angelo

Taking a look at Google Maps, to the left is Vatican City, and to the right the green star shaped area is Castel Sant’ Angelo

So as you walk out of Vatican City all you do is walk straight down the main road and you’ll pop out in the plaza for the castle. The fee to get inside and look around is 10 euro. There’s a discount if you’re a student.

As you can see from the picture above the castle is circular and loops around as you wind your way up to the top. We walked through a few of the rooms but it was fun to walk around the ramparts.

Castel Sant Angelo Rome Italy 15

Around and around to the top

Castel Sant Angelo Rome Italy Castel Sant Angelo Rome Italy 2A few of the interesting things we saw inside.

Castel Sant Angelo Rome Italy 10


Castel Sant Angelo Rome Italy 7

A little crooked but so intricate

As you spiral around you walk up a ramp and be on the upper rampart where you’ll take one more set of steps to the top, to look out over Rome.

Castel Sant Angelo Rome Italy 3

King in the castle, king in the castle

Castel Sant Angelo Rome Italy 12

WOW, just WOW

A few seagulls were hanging around and were not scared of all the visitors.

Castel Sant Angelo Rome Italy 12

For your viewing pleasure

The vatican from just down the street.

Castel Sant Angelo Rome Italy 13

Fiume Tiere River




Castel Sant Angelo Rome Italy 11

Castel Sant Angelo Rome Italy 12

From a little farther back

Castel Sant Angelo Rome Italy 14Looking out, Krista and I with a friend we met that day during the Vatican tour.

Castel Sant Angelo Rome Italy 13Once we had our fill of the view and pictures we decided to head back towards our hotel to get ready for a pub crawl we’d signed up to attend.

But First…

Champagne in Rome ItalyTo start the evening off right we have some Prosecco, it has turned out to be a great weekend in Rome.

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