Ibiza Boat Party 2To be completely truthful, I didn’t have Ibiza set in my sites as a place to visit this summer, it kinda just happened. From what everyone says Ibiza is part of European Party Central and most people would agree that it is party central (the Greek islands come in at a close second if not a tie). Why is Ibiza so far up on the party chain? It has everything to do with the (Electronic Dance Music) EDM scene.

Ibiza Boat Party 3Recently, EDM is a very up and coming, especially in Europe. People like Avicii and David Guetta are big names in popular culture these days and guess what?! They are DJ’s, mixing, slashing, splicing music together. So if you’re in America and you want to go see Steve Aoki, David Guetta, Aviici, and all the other big EDM names you’ll probably stop by Vegas, but if you’re in Europe, you’re definitely going to Ibiza.

Ibiza Space 2 Ferry CorstenIf you’re really into it, then you know that Tomorrowland, held in Boom Belgium is THE music festival for EDM and you’ll get your butt over there (or you might just be an innocent bystander looking for a good time). But how do they get their big names, one may ask? I’ve got one word for you: Ibiza! Since all of the clubs here feature DJ’s, if you are thinking about making a big name for yourself, then you better figure out how to get yourself a spot DJing at one of the clubs in Ibiza. I’m no expert and I’m not pretending to be one so I have no idea how you go about doing that but what I do know is that’s where David Guetta, Avicii, and all the rest have made a name for themselves.

Ibiza Ushuaia Avivii Closing Party 2014 2So what are you looking to do when you go to this little old island off the Eastern coast of Spain? Well you’re gonna be wanting a party, you’re going to be wanting to turn into a night owl, you’re going to want to eat some good food (and drink ALOT of water during the early afternoon) and you are going to be wanting a beach scene. This is pretty much all you need to know about little old Ibiza.

Ibiza Amnesia 2This isn’t the typical touristy post, which is my usual MO, so aside from boat parties, beaching, clubbing and eating, we didn’t do much else.

Ibiza CafeWe started the first evening out with just dinner since our plane got in pretty late and then the next morning… it all began.
1. Ibiza Boat Party
In case you are wondering, there are multiple boat parties that go out every day during the summer. You just have to check the website for the full listings, pick the one you want, and book it baby! The one we chose was  Cirque de la Nuit boat party.

Here’s what they included for the day: Before they take you to the boat they have a pool party, then once onboard the boat the drinks are included and then afterwards, later that night, there’s a night pre party before you head to one of the bigger clubs. Its a pretty good deal. And, its ALOT of fun.

Ibiza Boat Party 10 Ibiza Boat Party 9 Ibiza Boat Party 4 Ibiza Boat Party 6 Ibiza Boat Party 5 Ibiza Boat Party 7 Ibiza Boat Party Ibiza Boat Party 8
2. SPACE night club

Right in the middle of Bora Bora and across the street from the Ushuaia Hotel, it’s a pretty popular club because its the only one that’s right downtown by the beaches and many of the hotels. We were lucky enough to see Ferry Corsten live, a dutch DJ who is sorta kinda gorgeous. It happened to be a grand time.
Ibiza Space 1 Ibiza Space 2 Ferry Corsten Ibiza Space 5 Ibiza Space 4

3. Amnesia Night Club 
Located farther away from the main Ibiza town and kinda sorta a cab ride away is Amnesia night club. The parties really don’t get going here until 3 AM and when we arrived the place was jam packed. There was a woman named Rebekah Brown performing and it was actually pretty cool, like an EDM show.

Ibiza Amnesia 2 Ibiza Amnesia 4 Ibiza Amnesia 3 Ibiza Amnesia 1Check out this guy!

Ibiza Amnesia 5 Ibiza Amnesia 7They put on quite the performance here!

Ibiza Amnesia 6 Ibiza Amnesia 8 Ibiza in the early morningWalking home at 7 in the morning!

4. Ibiza Beachin

Ohhh come on, you don’t think I wouldn’t throw in a few pictures beachin now did you?

Ibiza Resturanting Ibiza posing Ibiza Ibiza Beaches Ibiza beaches 2 Ibiza beaches 3

5. Avicii End of the Summer Party Ushuaia Hotel

Can you believe we just happened upon this by chance? Cuz I can’t. I had no idea that the End of the Summer Party’s were beginning over labor day weekend! And of all people I couldn’t have guessed I’d have the opportunity to see Avicii. Holy crap.

The even crazier part is that I went to the first weekend of Tomorrowland in Belgium (they hold it 2 weeks in a row) and on the last night for the main event David Guetta performed… Avicii performed the main event for the last night of the second week. I thought I had missed my golden opportunity and then there we are walking down the street and tickets are being wagged in our faces every 2 feet… how can a girl refuse? Exactly!

Ibiza Ushuaia 2 Ibiza Ushuaia 3 Ibiza Ushuaia 5 Ibiza Ushuaia 7 Ibiza Ushuaia 9 Ibiza Ushuaia Avivii Closing Party 2014 Ibiza Ushuaia Avivii Closing Party 2014 3 Ibiza Ushuaia Avivii Closing Party 2014 4 Ibiza Ushuaia Avivii Closing Party 2014 5 Ibiza Ushuaia Avivii Closing Party 2014 6And this pretty much sums up a weekend in Ibiza.

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