DMB Set List, For Real!


DAVE MATTHEW’S BAND: So this is my relationship with Dave. In the beginning, back when I was in middle school and high school all of my friends were head over heels in love with Dave. Me, I just didn’t really care. I mean he was good sure but I feel that I didn’t have that attachment to music that so many people seem to have. I was always in the band and so there was plenty of music in my life, I’ve just never been overly obsessed with one music artist, if that makes sense.

Well once I went to college I would always try to come home and visit and during the summertime that’s when all of my friends would be home and they were always on the look out for when Dave was coming to the Pittsburgh Post Gazette. I just wanted to hang out with everyone. So, when they would buy tickets I would just jump on the band wagon and buy a ticket too so I could be a part of the fun, even if the music didn’t appeal to my as much as everyone else.


After a couple of those concerts I finally started to realize the emotions of the music. I don’t know how to explain that very well, but I had heard the song “Two Step” many times before, and this one specific moment when I was outside on the lawn at the concert, a cool breeze in my hair, and all of my greatest childhood friends around me, I just got it. And that’s my favorite song by the way.

When I moved to Norfolk, Dave came there and I went to see him with some of the officers from my wardroom at the time. I decided I liked him even more that night. Then last summer when I came home, it was with the prospects of seeing Dave with all of my friends like old times. Now, whenever I am reuniting with my friends I associate Dave with them. He brings us all together because we plan trips around his concerts. Dave=My Friends! I never have more fun then when I’m shotgunning beers (that’s a must at Dave concerts), seeing old friends, and bobbing my head along to the music.

This summer was no exception. After I finished my summer classes I headed home for the final part of my summer and time off from the Navy. All of my friends headed home too and we met in Pittsburgh one final time just a few weeks before I flew to Japan. It was epic. I might not see everyone for a little while, but the memories will be enough<3.

P.S. We even got the set list after running up to the stage at the end from the lawn seats, and that’s a fact!